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Muratec Office Bridge

ABT Office Supplies Ltd

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Muratec Office Bridge

Office Bridge Plus (MFX-1930D, MFX-1330D)

Office Bridge Plus utilizes a web browser interface, making configuration simple and independent of computer operating systems. Office Bridge Plus includes the network card for easy low cost connection. Office Bridge Plus is supplied for a single one-time cost, no user licence costs or renewal charges, unlike some network fax and printing options.

  • Network scanning
  • Desktop faxing
  • Network printing Scan to e-mail
  • Internet faxing (T.37)
  • Workflow management
Muratec Office Bridge Functions
Office Bridge Expansion Kit
(MFX-2030, F-560)

The Office Bridge Expansion Kit adds a contact database, security and workflow enhancement to the MFX-2030 and F-560 multifunctional devices.

The Office Bridge Expansion Kit enables:
  • Address book expansion
  • Personal/shared address books
  • Increased inbound fax routing rules
  • Office Bridge workflow management
  • Customized fax cover pages
Workflow Management
  • Scan documents into a private inbox for security and convenience
  • Scan documents into a public inbox for convenient sharing
  • Scan documents to the Office Bridge Bulletin
  • Board for centralized posting and viewing of documents
  • Create custom processing rules to guide documents through a preset workflow, allowing the appropriate parties to view and approve documents
  • Circulate documents to Office Bridge users to quickly share information
Innovative Utilities

InforMonitor provides real-time alerts to the client:

  • Print job complete
  • Transmission complete
  • Document has been received into an inbox, bulletin board or processing workflow
  • Document has completed the workflow process

Cover page Editor allows users to create custom cover pages and upload them to the MFP or use them during the desktop fax process

Document Download utility can automatically route Office Bridge documents to network folders or other locations

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