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Service Agreements for Muratec Multifunction and Fax Machines

FREE PHONE 0800 389 1304

Service Agreements

Service agreements are comprehensive and are also written in very plain English. Service is charged on an actual basis with no monthly minimum or quarterly minimum billing.

The way our preventative maintenance program works is that we schedule service calls proactively. We know how many copies you produce on average each month. We also know approximately how many copies between service calls that each copier model averages. We schedule an appointment in advance with your dedicated technician, to perform service proactively at the proper interval. Most copier servicing involves cleaning, adjusting and replacing parts. We will replace parts as they wear, before the part actually fails or wears out.


Before delivery a full site survey is carried out to ensure that the minimum of inconvenience is caused at the time of installation. A fully trained technician will install and set up the system and provide operator training. Ongoing operator training is available upon request.


Photocopiers will require consumable supplies such as toner, staples, paper etc. Upon receipt of an order, delivery is normally the following day. In an emergency, toner can usually be supplied within the hour by courier, if required. We support all the Canon models we supply, and we can supply toner, spare parts and servicing for most canon copier models.

Guaranteed Fast Response

ABT undertake to respond to a service call within 4 working hours (the average response time is 2.5 hours).

Resolving The Fault

ABT not only respond to a service call within 4 hours, 95% of these calls are resolved on the first visit. This is not just because our technical staff are highly qualified, fully trained photocopier engineers, but also because they carry a full stock of spare parts that are necessary to repair virtually every fault that occurs.

Genuine New Parts and Consumables

ABT's policy is to use genuine new parts and consumables as opposed to cheaper or used alternatives that may be less reliable.

Preventative Maintenance

ABT not only provide service on demand when a fault occurs, we are fully committed to providing preventative maintenance on every photocopier. Through regular cleaning and servicing, we are able to anticipate wearing of parts thus reducing the number of service visits due to machine faults - this ensures that the equipment is operational for the optimum amount of time

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